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Hydrangea Arranging Tips!

Everyone loves Hydrangea…and the secret to beautiful results is starting with the BEST Hydrangea!

My friend Jaime Ruiz from GroFlowers produces the finest Hydrangea I’ve seen. They are grown, harvested, packaged and transported with expert care and handling within the Cold Chain. This means that you get Beautiful Long Lasting Hydrangeas…EVERY TIME!

The other benefit of working with GroFlowers is the wide selection of colors and sizes. You can choose from Mini to Jumbo in over 16 beautiful color variations.

The quality of the blooms is exceptional and the length of the lateral branches inside each bloom is amazing. This allows you to be creative and make the most of each and every blossom. 

This week, I share my 3 favorite tips for arranging with Hydrangeas. This video shows you how to make the most of your hydrangeas when arranging. 

To see the entire selection of beautiful hydrangeas from GroFlowers, visit their website at