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Flower Chandelier

Everyone loves a Flower Chandelier but many get stumped by the mechanics…and I always look for EASY ways to make things…

So this week on Fun with Flowers and J, I show you how to create a flower chandelier from start to finish…and I make it easy!

That’s the important part… It needs to be easy and SECURE! So, here’s the video you’ve been looking for… Simple secure steps with beautiful results!

Part of my secret arsenal is FernTrust. They create the Foliage Garland that is the base of this chandelier…You can learn more about their and fabulous foliages at

Also, if you’re looking for the best Hydrangeas…check out the WIDE selection of amazing Hydrangeas at

Finally, the Dupioni Silk Ribbon I use to conceal the mechanics is from Reliant Ribbon. They have an amazing selection of Dupioni Silk and any other kind of ribbon you can imagine. Find out more at