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Hand Tied Bouquet Lesson!

One of my personal passions is teaching flower arranging… and I love a good tip, trick or hint for making it easy and fun. 

I created my series of “Fast and Easy” Flower Lessons to empower ANYONE to include flowers in their life. 

Flowers are fun and arranging them should be fun too! This lesson is about creating a hand tied bouquet. It uses a Hydrangea as a structure (or armature) for other flowers and provides a simple technique that gives great results.

Having flowers around the house or giving them as a gift is a way for us to enrich our lives and the lives of others. That’s why flowers are so important! When we have flowers around we feel better, have happier thoughts and we enlarge our circles of friends. 

Check out this Fast and Easy Flower Lesson and try it out… It’s a simple way to include flowers in your life…everyday!