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Trends 2018 – Social

I’m excited to announce the uBloom Trend Synthesis 2018 with 4 NEW Trend Concepts…featuring an exclusive Color Palette, Curated Ribbon Collection, Featured Foliage and Foliage Bouquet. It also includes a HOW TO Video for each of the 4 Trend Arrangements.

The uBloom Trend Synthesis is the Flower Industries only  100% Objective Trend Report and is based on actual market findings, products and research. 

Each of the 4 Trend DIY Videos is available for FREE to anyone at uBloom and has coordinating PINTEREST boards to validate each trend. 

To download your FREE copy of the uBloom Trend Synthesis, visit 

This PDF download is printable as well as shareable electronically and is ideal for use as reference, in consultations or for planning of weddings and events. 

Curated Collections for each trend are available as follows:

Color Palettes- 

Featured Foliage – 

Curated Ribbon Collections- 

Featured Flowers 

Contact your local flower seller for availability and alternate color selections.