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The Flowers of Colombia on uBloom – The People behind the Flowers!

This week on the Flowers of Colombia, we go behind the flowers to see the heartfelt passion and dedication of the people! Even before the seed or cutting is placed in the ground, there are people behind each and every flower…breeding the perfect color…or stem length…or bloom size! Then, it’s a process of caring and nurturing the tiny plants, caring for them daily and even hourly to insure they thrive and burst into bloom! Once blooming, it’s about knowing the perfect time to harvest…and then the transportation, from field to grading to packaging…then carefully packing the bunches…and finally, being whisked away to flower sellers all over the world.

My Friend Jose states it clearly…it’s a partnership between the flowers and the people…and the people of Colombia strive to provide world class flowers to people all over the world!

We step behind the flowers to see the amazing people behind the flowers. It’s a well known fact that the people of Colombia are what make the flowers EVEN more beautiful…

Join me as we visit the people that bring us the flowers… from Colombia!

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