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When I was a kid… we would go to Flower Shows on the Weekend- at the Local Wholesale Houses… sometimes there would be 2-3 on the same weekend with different Flower Presenters or even Panels of Flower Designers- showcasing NEW Ideas, Products and Creative Techniques. Pretty Much – each State had it’s own Floral Association and they would hold shows too… a couple times a year… and 100-200 people would show up, have lunch, buy things… and watch the presentations…


The Man- behind the Magic- Edward “Eddie” Von Bargen


A Green Cougar- I had a Green 1967 Cougar… My Second Car… this brings back memories- thanks Eddie!


A Tribute for an Avid Shoe Collector!

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This was our Entertainment… and also our continued education- and inspiration… after all there were 3 channels on TV- and not a lot of extra-curricular activities (No Soccer, Ballet, Gymnastics… or other things to distract… like mobile devices, social media or cable tv… just sayin’)…

And it was exciting when someone came to present that was a SHOW STOPPER- a real True FLOWER Star- someone that Knocked your socks off… and showed you something you’ve never seen before. Today- so much is rehashed… or void of the elements or principles of design- or “Flower Art” that is subjective – and sometimes not very saleable…
Don’t get me wrong… I like looking at Social Media or Youtube just as much as the next fan or follower… but it’s not the same as it was back in the day when they were RIGHT there in front of you… making things- telling us how they got there… and they were Really Good at it… that was Something… but I digress…


Eddie working his Flower Magic with Cookie Monster…


Fraternal, Association or Organization Symbols are one of Eddie’s Specialties… Turning Feelings into Flowers- Thank you!

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I remember being blown away- as a kid… I heard the designer was a master with Styrofoam… (I know… but when it hit the market Styrofoam provided a great NEW Outlet for Creativity… and it was NEW Different and Fun… ) and this Guy… Edward Von Bargen was the Master… he would carve things and create things… and … well – we had to go see him!!!

My parents took me to the local wholesaler- where “Eddie “was designing on stage.. and a lady was commentating… (These Commentators were Amazing- they would tell stories and get the audience worked into a Creative, Designing (and buying) Frenzy… and be the voice of the designers that were busy Creating Magical Flower Projects that were both Inspiring and Saleable…


No project or inspiration is too Challenging- Hand it to Eddie and he’ll get it right… Including this Coney Dog!

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The Lady that day was Lillian Lindergren (Lil)… and she was in command… showcasing Eddie’s Work… and also doing some pretty amazing things herself- may I add.  This happened to be a Christmas Show- and Eddie created a Santa riding in a sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer that would make the folks at Rankin & Bass – (the creators of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Clause is coming to town and many other Stop-Animation TV Legends)… Scream with Envy…

Eddie captured my Attention- my Soul and my Respect – from that day forward… whenever Eddie came within a 3 state proximity or when I could travel to see him… I was there! This Man embodies what it means to be a Flower Artist! As Professional Florists we are charged with the duty of Turning Peoples Feelings into Flowers- and many times that means – creating a Special Tribute or Remembrance that shows our Love, Respect and Connection… when it comes to personalized Tributes- or a Show Stopping – Remembrance… Eddie Von Bargen Delivers.


Did someone- say “Cheeseburger”??? – This is one of my favorite Eddie Von Bargen Creations!


A little “Grateful Dead” action… Awesome!


Courtesy of Eric Levy- and Hillcrest Gardens… The making of the “Millennium Falcon” – Von Bargen Style!

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Today- I Follow Entenmann’s Florist on Facebook- (that’s the store where Eddie works)… All the Photos in this Blog are the Property of Entenmann’syou’ll see their water mark on the creations… and Eddie Von Bargen is in the House- as resident Personalize Tribute Professional… and (THANKFULLY) Teaching that skill to a whole new generation of Talented Designers that share design space with Eddie… whom I consider to be one of the Finest Florists on the Planet!

Eddie’s work- makes my heart sing… because he’s mastered the skill of Translating Feelings into Flowers- from “Hello Kitty to Grateful Dead Teddy Bears- from Sports Team Logos to Millennium Falcons- Eddie takes on any project with a steady hand, creative spirit and loads of pride! You’ll notice in the attached archive- that sometimes the details are carved from (none other than) Styrofoam… it’s an art medium for Eddie- and he can craft just about anything…


Whatever the Trend- Idea or Concept… You can count on Eddie to “turn it into flowers”….

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Social Media- may be the bane of our existence… and sometimes I get frustrated – seeing people MISS MOMENTS- because they are trying to “Capture” them rather than enjoy them… but the one thing that I truly love… is that Social Media has allowed me to keep track of one of my favorite flower stars… This wonderful talented man- that I watched in awe- as a child- that mesmerized the audience with his talent… and quietly created Flower Magic… I can “Follow” Entenmann’s Florist- and keep track of  Eddie.. and his creations… (Thank you Entenmann’s for posting the behind the scenes with Eddie working on the tributes… it’s my favorite part).


Eddie – working on a specialize tribute!

Eddie Von Bargen- has kept it real… working creatively and tirelessly to “Turn People’s Feelings Into Flowers” and for that he has my undying Respect and Eternal Thanks… Thank you for Inspiring me Eddie… Thank you for Creating Magic and thank you for sharing your Talents and helping instill them in future Generations… You are ONE in A Million!


“The Master” at Work… Eddie Von Bargen- Amazing Flower Artist!

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  1. Avril February 20, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Absolutely FABULOUS !!!!!!!! Awe inspiring!

  2. Helen Daly October 3, 2019 at 11:42 am

    Boy did this bring back memories. The first flower shop I worked in we did a lot of this type of thing in the early 60′s. The great guy I learned from was good at it and taught me much of what 50 years later I am still sometimes called to do. Don’t work much now at 73 but when a special tribute is needed the flower shop I occasionally work at on holidays and when needed gives me a call to help make something up. A lost art for sure. Was really popular on the East coast but when I moved to Oregon just about non existent. I seem to recall seeing this gentleman at a show somewhere way back when. Thanks for sharing J and bringing back memories.

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