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Rainforest Trend 2018

Rainforest is our 2nd Trend featured in the uBloom Trend Synthesis 2018. Download your FREE 6 Page Full Color Trend Synthesis at . 

Rainforest featuring the foliage of the year, Monstera. This Fresh From Florida Foliage is grown by FernTrust and Brendan Register. I’m seeing Monstera literally everywhere…on Wall Coverings, Art Pieces, Sculpture, Stationary, Ribbon, Upholstery, Events, Display and Design. It’s undeniable…Monstera is the Foliage of 2018!

Rainforest evolved from past trends like Eco-Green, Meadow, Zen and the Popularity of the Color of the Year for 2017, Greenery. Rainforest embodies things we love about the Rainforest, Jungle,Tropics,Tiki and much more!

With an emphasis on conservations that include wildlife, environment, water and climate…the primary element is foliage with bright accents of tropical flowers like Orchids, Anthurium, Haleconia and even Protea (while not a Rainforest flower, Protea and even succulents embody the essences of the Rainforest trend) 

Look for the popularity and conservation sensations to spread from Flora to Fauna (Sloths, Tapirs, Toucans, Parrots and even the ever popular Flamingo)… 

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