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The Flowers Of Colombia – A Culture of Sustainability Part 2 – The People

This week on the Flowers of Colombia, we continue to explore the Colombian Culture of Sustainability.

Sustainability has been a priority for decades in Colombia, especially when it comes to the social programs and their investment in the people. This week, we travel to several farms to see the social programs and speak with the people about their involvement.

The programs and practices have improved the lives of thousands of people…and each farm has developed specific programs and practices to continue to improve the well-being of the people that care for their flowers.

It was a pleasure and delight to see these programs in action and speak with the people that benefit. You can see for yourself how the Flowers of Colombia continue to enrich and bring improvements to everyone involved. 

Colombia is truly passionate about their Culture of Sustainability. This videos shares a few of the programs that are provided to continue to improve the lives of the people behind the flowers of Colombia!

Join me as we explore the Culture of Sustainability with the People of Colombia!

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