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Crafted Trend

Announcing the “Crafted Trend” from the uBloom Trend Synthesis 2018…

Personal experiences are the driving motivation of the next generation and that mindset is reflected in the trend “CRAFTED”. They may be creating a memory with family on a special night (with flowers for the party), learning how to embroider from an aunt, or gathering with friends to give it a go brewing beer at home- experiential is the goal! Appeal to this mindset…focus on quality, enjoyment and even DIY Advice.

The feature Foliage for Crafter is Milky Way from FernTrust. This elongated dark green foliage is flecked with variegation… hold the stars in your hand with “Milky Way”!See the complete collection of FernTrust folaige at

An entire collection of “Crafted” themed ribbon has been curated from Reliant Ribbon. Check out all their offerings in ribbon at 

Many of the textural flower items used in the Crafted bouquet are part of the Texture Collection from Ocean View Flowers. Find out more and see their entire American Grown Collection at

Color is a major driving force in all of the uBloom Trends for 2018. The color palette for each of the trends is curated from Design Master Color Tool. See colorful creative ideas for using color and see their entire color palette at