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Wedding Flower Lesson – Celebration and Ceremony Flowers

This week, I add another lesson to our Wedding Flowers Your Way Series…with 2 projects suitable for the Ceremony and Celebration!

Using the Gala® Bouquet Holder, I show you two different projects you can create for the Wedding Ceremony or Celebration.

The first has a small Gala® Bouquet holder attached to a 5 branch candelabra…and I show you step by step, how to attach and fill with flowers. It’s a simple technique for making a beautiful flower accent on just about any decoration for a wedding ceremony!

The second project is a simple pew marker. It can be created with foliage, flowers and ribbon or with foliage or flowers only… it’s up to you… that’s why we call this series Wedding Flowers YOUR WAY!

These simple ideas and concepts are for my flower friends that want to create simple flower decorations…More elaborate ideas are featured in my Fun with Flowers and J shows and JTV Episodes that reside in the archive at!

You can purchase the Gala® Bouquet holder at this link- 

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