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The Flowers Of Colombia – A Visit with Ball SB – where flowers begin!

This week on the Flowers of Colombia, we explore where the flowers begin with a visit to Ball SB, the cut flower hybridization expert in the world of Horticulture!

Flowers have to begin somewhere…We visit with Joaquin De La Torre and Lourdes Reyes and witness the passion BallSB has for creating new varieties and perfecting favorite cut flowers for use in the flower industry!

Join my friend Lourdes as she shares a NEW Color Varietal of Stock- “Vintage Rose” and shows us the difference between “Spray Stock” and regular Stock.

A Visit to the Ball SB Booth at any convention or event allows us to see the unique and unusual NEW varieties and also the improvements or color variations of outstanding varieties in the cut flower industry!

Colombia is just one of the many flower producing countries around the world… and Ball SB works directly with growers in the USA, Canada, South America, Africa and varied locations all around the world. 

Ball SB continues to partner with leaders in various flower production to bring the BEST of the BEST to market. Their extensive research and hybrid development insure that the flowers grown the world over are selected for the diverse climates and unique conditions of each climate and geographic area! 

If you love flowers then you’ll love this visit with our friends at Ball SB to see where the flowers begin!

To learn more about Ball SB and their varieties visit and view their entire catalog.  

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