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Best Practices for Processing Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

Everyone loves Garden Roses…and to insure your Garden Roses perform and open, you need to follow these simple steps for success!

I take an actual shipment of Garden Roses from Alexandra Farms, Mariatheresia…and show you the professional steps you can implement to insure you have beautiful roses every time.

These simple steps are easy to follow and the results will amaze you:

1.Use ICE Cold Water 

2.Use and Measure Flower Nutrient Exactly

3.Cut the Stems at an Angle

4.Remove the packaging but leave the Cellophane

5.Hydrate in the Cooler for 6-8 hours in Chrysal Hydration solution

6.Open Flowers at Room Temperature in Chrysal Vase Solution

7.When Open, store in Cooler until ready to arrange

These steps are proven and help to insure your Alexandra Farms roses will perform to their very best every time.

To learn more about Alexandra Farms, their Exceptional Garden Rose Varieties, Dedication to Quality and more, visit their website at 

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