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Lush Autumn Rose Centerpiece!

One of the secrets to creating beautiful arrangements is starting with beautiful flowers. Enter Esprit Miami…who provided the 3 amazing rose varieties for this Autumn Centerpiece Project.

This lush Rose Centerpiece features White O’Hara, Shimmer and Marsipan roses from Esprit Miami from their private farm in Ecuador, dedicated to providing the finest roses to Esprit Miami. You can check out all the beautiful flowers Esprit offers on their website at 

The combination of colors (and amazing fragrance from the White O’Hara) enhance this lush autumn centerpiece filled with contrasting texture…with Scabiosa and Poppy Pods, Transparent Oak Leaves, Mini Hydrangeas and even Succulents!

I love creating a centerpiece on a turntable which gives me complete access to all sides of the bouquet. This centerpiece is also created in flower foam so that I have the opportunity to place my flowers precisely where I want them. 

This is our 300th episode of Fun with Flowers and J and this lush rose centerpiece is the perfect project to celebrate! The flowers from Esprit Miami are of exceptional quality and using Chrysal Floral Nutrients helped this bouquet last for nearly 2 weeks in my home following this production…

I’ve always said…“Esprit Miami’s flowers certainly mean business”!