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Sphere Chrysanthemum Candelabra

I’m so excited to share the NEW Sphere Chrysanthemums from Deliflor Latin America in our Candelabra project this week. I saw these NEW Sphere Shaped Chrysanthemums at the DeliFlor Booth at ProFlora 2017. My Friend JD was showing me all the NEW Varieties and these beautiful orbs in Yellow, Orange and Rust certainly caught my eye!

I’m crazy about Chrysanthemums…and we used to grow in my families greenhouse back in Nebraska. Today, Deliflor is the world leader in Chrysanthemum production and they’re bringing the most amazing varieties to our Flower Markets. 

Today’s project is fall inspired and it plays off the dynamic colors of these Sphere Shaped Chrysanthemums. I’ve accented these textural treasures with an unusual foliage from FernTrust…and accent flowers from SF Brannan Street. 

This NEW Gold Tone Candelabra from Accent Décor is the perfect centerpiece for weddings or events…and the interchangeable top makes adding flowers a breeze!

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and check out their Instagram page – and see the BEST in Show ALMA (featured in another Fun with Flowers episode on uBloom) and other award winning Chrysanthemums –