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Custom Wreaths and Garlands from FernTrust

Decorating for the holiday is just around the corner…and the easiest way to do Wreaths and Garlands is to leave it to the experts at FernTrust!

Ferntrust creates custom made garlands for any occasion…including the holidays. It’s just that easy! Contact and let them know what you want the garland made of…how thick you want it…and how long to make it. That’s when FernTrust jumps into action…creating your custom order, boxing it up and shipping it out!

It couldn’t be easier…and I appreciate FernTrust. Especially when it comes to big orders, lots of garlands or LOOOONG Garlands…no problem! I tell them what I want and they deliver. It’s just like Santa Claus…

And don’t forget the wreaths! The Magnolia Wreaths and Garlands featured in this video are STUNNING…The attention to detail and craftsmanship of design only add more value and excitement to your holiday décor! 

In this week’s show, I create an exciting table centerpiece using a Silver plated Branch Candelabra from Accent Décor. I also include Fancy Tulips from Sun Valley, Ribbon from Reliant Ribbon and the Beautiful Fragrant Blue tone- Carolina Sapphire Wreath and Garland. It goes together in minutes…

It’s impressive and easy to execute thanks to the Custom Garlands and Wreaths from our Friends at FernTrust!