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Custom Holiday Garlands and Wreaths from FernTrust!

Everyone loves a Holiday Garland and Wreath…and I LOVE the way FernTrust customizes their Garland and Wreath Offerings. 

Let’s face it… Garland making is time consuming and cumbersome but with FernTrust, you simply contact – and tell her what you want!

Length of Garland, content and matching Wreath if you prefer! The “Elves” at FernTrust spring into action…creating your holiday garlands and wreaths to your specifications!

Not only can the foliage selection be anything you like…they also offer GILDED foliage in Gold and Silver…and can create wreaths and garlands to match!

The Holidays are busy times…and what better way to save precious time than just pulling your Custom Made Garlands and Wreaths right out of the box?! It’s really that simple… and the perfect way to spruce up your holiday!

Contact Jana today or check out their custom garland at