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Phalaenopsis Orchid Event Centerpiece!

This week’s Special Event Centerpiece features the amazing Phalaenopsis Orchid Sprays from Amy’s Orchids in Thailand… and Fabulous Foliage from FernTrust!

No one does Orchids like Amy…and I’ve had the pleasure of featuring these orchids at many events and demonstrations. They are incredible and packed perfectly. These Phales are high quality and they last and last!

I also feature the Foliage of the Year for 2018, Monstera and another favorite from FernTrust, Milky Way. This elongated Florida Foliage has variegated spots that look like the Galaxy paired with other amazing flowers…Spray Stock, Peonies, Roses and Even Carnations!

This Event Centerpiece is created in the Accent Décor Winnie Compote which is perfect for holding this Dynamic Arrangement! 

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