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Stacked Rose Centerpiece – featuring Mother of Pearl Roses

Today’s project features the beautiful Mother of Pearl Roses from Pride/Eclipse. It’s a stacked centerpiece with a unique mechanic that allows one arrangement to be set atop the other arrangement.

I visited Pride/Eclipse during my visit to Bogota Colombia. Auyra grows beautiful Carnations and Roses in the perfect climate and elevation in Colombia. They are dedicated to sustainable practices and provide amazing benefits to their employees and their families…

When I visited with José Restrepo, the owner of Auyra- Pride/Eclipse and asked him what his favorite flower was, he told me “Tulips, because we cannot grow them here…”

I felt it was a wonderful opportunity to create an arrangement featuring his NEW Mother of Pearl Roses (pssst…you’re going to love this color…SO Gorgeous)…and combine it with some double tulips in this Spring Centerpiece.

Much of the country is challenged with cold weather, snow and wind chill…This arrangement, with it’s stacked mechanic, is sure to warm your heart and provide a wonderful centerpiece for your next party! 


  1. Cindy Reid February 18, 2019 at 10:37 am

    J – how would you secure top to bottom so no one knocks it over, say at an event? Thanks, C

    • jadmin February 18, 2019 at 1:30 pm

      Hi Cindy…
      These Containers- and the method I used are particularly stable… the containers are weighted… and it was easy to actually even carry around the arrangements stacked on one another…
      However- Remember there are NO Guarantees- and NO way to connect them so that it would not permanently damage the containers… this arrangement is far more stable than an Eiffel Tower Vase… which – while not stacked is much easier to tip over or topple over.
      Common Sense is our best defense… because of the size dimension of this arrangement – it would not cause much damage other than water spillage if actually toppled… but it’s going to take an effort- and the wine glasses on the table are in more danger of tipping than the actual arrangement… Thanks for the question my friend… I appreciate it very much!

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