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Tulip and Iris Arrangement

Let’s bring some Spring inside…with Tulips and Iris from Sun Valley Flower Farms! Sun Valley grows the Most Amazing Tulips- and they produce Soil Grown Tulips- 365 Days a year… in Arcata California. Lane Devries selected Arcata for his Tulip and Iris production because it’s the perfect place on Earth to grow these flowers…all the time. You can learn more about How Sun Valley Grows Tulips and Iris- here!  

Tulips and Iris are Easy and using cold water and Bulb Food allows for Expert Results. I share the benefits you get from arranging your own flowers and help you with simple tips and tricks so you’ll enjoy yourself…and also have beautiful results!

Nothing says spring like Tulips and Iris…and when they are American Grown From Sun Valley, it’s even better!

To learn more about Sun Valley Tulip varieties, check out their blog: