Watch Life in Bloom on PBS

Where to Watch “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” on Public Television


I’m excited about my NEW Public Television Show- J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom- that is airing on PBS Stations across the USA.  We’re constantly reviewing hundreds of schedules- to post the MOST up to date -accurate information & times to tune in your local area. 230 Stations have selected the show- however each station sets their own schedule- so it will be different all over the country…

As we get information we continue to update the list below- so check back often!

Or Better yet- contact your local PBS station and inquire about when “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” will be showing in your local area.

If you know of a station that is not listed below- please email me at and we’ll get your information up right away!

Here is a list of confirmed schedules -

State      Station      City     Day of Week     Time     Start Date

Alaska- KAKM Anchorage -Saturdays 12 noon- May 4
KTOO- Juneau- Saturdays 12 noon- May 11
- KEET-Eureka CA – Saturdays 10am April 27
California- Empire PBS- San Bernadino Saturdays 12:30pm April 6
California- KPJK – Bay Area Sundays 9am May 5
Connecticut CPTV Spirit Mondays 11am- Fridays 7am April 8
Connecticut WEDY New Haven Mondays 11am Fridays 7am April 8
Connecticut WEDN Norwich Mondays 11am Fridays 7am April 8
Connecticut WEDH Hartford Mondays 11am Fridays 7am April 8
Connecticut-WEDW Bridgeport Mondays 11am Fridays 7am April 8
Florida- WEFS- Eastern/Central FL- Sundays 2pm April 14
Florida- WEDU/WEDQ Tampa- Thursdays 10:30am May 16
Kansas- KPTS – Wichita KS- Fridays 2pm April 12
Kentucky- KET2 – Statewide- Fridays-11:30am June 7
Kentucky- WKU- Bowling Green- Fridays- 12:30pm May 10
Louisiana- WLAE New Orleans -Saturdays 4pm June 1
Illinois- WTTW- Chicago IL- Mondays 5am April 8
Illinois- WEIU- Eastern IL- Sunday 2:30pm April 7
- WILL- Champaigne- Saturday 11:30am April 6
Indiana- WFYI – Indianapolis IN – Sundays 11am  April 7
Indiana- WIPB- Muncie IN- Fridays 2:30am April 5
Indiana- WNIT- South Bend IN, Thursday 4pm April 11
Maryland- MPT2/Create – Fridays 8:00pm April 5
Michigan- WKAR- Lansing MI- Wednesdays 1:30pm April 17
Michigan – WGVU- Grand Rapids MI- Fridays 11am & 5pm April 5
Michigan- WGVK- Kalamazoo MI- Fridays 11am & 5pm April 5
Minnesota- TPT- Twin Cities MN- Tuesdays 7am April 16
Minnesota- KWCM PioneerHM – West Central Fridays May 17 2pm
Nebraska- NET- Statewide- Saturdays 11am May 11
New Mexico- KENW- High Plains- Saturdays 10:30am April 20
New Mexico- KRWG Las Cruces – Friday- 2:00pm June 7
New York- WNED- Buffalo NY- Fridays, 4:30pm April 12
New York- WNYE- NYCTV Life- Wednesdays 9:30am April 10
New York- WCNY Syracuse NY- Sundays 6:30am April 14
Ohio- WOSU- Colombus OH- Saturdays 8am April 13
Ohio- WEAO- Cleveland OH- Saturday 1:30pm July 6
Oregon- OPB- Statewide- Saturdays- 11am April 20
Oregon- SOPTV- Southern- Saturdays- 11am April 20
Pennsylvania- WPSU -Central  Saturdays 11:30am April 6
Pennsylvania- WITF- Central- Tuesdays  2pm April 9
South Carolina- SCETV – Statewide Saturdays 11am  April 27
North Carolina- WNSC- Charlotte – Saturdays 11am April 27
Tennessee- NPT- Nashville TN Saturdays 9:30am April 6
Texas- KLRU- Austin TX- Saturdays 4:30pm May 4
Texas- KPBT Midland/Odessa -Monday 1:30pm April 8
Texas- KRWG El Paso – Friday- 2:00pm June 7
Virginia- Blue Ridge PBS- HD15.1 – Mondays 1:00pm April 8
Virginia- Blue Ridge PBS- HD15.1- Fridays 12 Noon April 12
Virginia- (SW) Blue Ridge PBS HD15.2  Sundays 12:30pm April 14
Wyoming- WPBS- Statewide – Tuesdays 2pm April 23