One Flower Bouquets

Single Flower Arrangements

Single Flower Arrangements- are super easy- and very rewarding. It’s important to feel empowered about flower arranging- and many times- people get intimidated- because they start “too big”. Single Flower arrangements are Easy, and you get satisfying results with little effort… it’s a great confidence builder.

Protea on the Rocks!

A Low bowl with rocks is the perfect home for a single giant protea bloom!

I collect vases of all sorts- but I’m always on the lookout for different containers- that hold just one flower. It’s fun to plop a single bloom into a little vase- or re-purpose a found object- like an ashtray. I don’t smoke- but mid century modern ashtrays fascinate me… the colors, the boomerang shape…  I love taking two sticks… like bamboo skewers (or even reclaimed stems or branches) and placing them across the ashtray- in the cigarette holders- and then suspending a flower in between the sticks… this helpful hint- prevents the flower from getting a “soggy bottom” and quickly producing bacteria in the water. A flower like the gerbera- will last for days suspended above the water… just be sure to fill daily with Flower Nutrient water… Flowers are heavy drinkers!

Gerbera Daisy Smiles

Chopsticks -hold a gerbera bloom up in a repurposed ashtray vase!

Speaking of drinking- I love a shot glass- because they are great impromptu vases… for a tulip bloom or rose bud… it’s fun to walk through the garden and just grab a bloom or two- and place them around the house… You’ll quickly learn that having flowers around the house will benefit your health and wellness. Check out the proven research at

Martini Gardenia

Repurpose a Classic martini glass to hold a single gardenia bloom!

Don’t forget that Vintage Cocktail Glasses- can also create great vessels for single flowers. I particularly like the Brandy Snifters… they are perfect for a Rose or Carnation Blossom. I love the way the bubble shaped bowl sits atop the stem… it’s just naturally uplifting.

One Bloom Bubble

A Single Hydrangea bloom can easily fill a bubble bowl

Bubble bowls are terrific- for Single Flowers… I love how you can fill a bubble bowl with a Hydrangea Bloom- or today’s glass artisans are cutting the hole in a bubble bowl on the bias… thus creating a more modern look for the traditional bubble bowl… add a Sunshine yellow Rose- and you’ve got instant ‘Happiness’

Want some BONUS- Content? I did a segment on my web-tv show- FUN with Flowers and J- with my friend Kim Carson- about Single Flower Arrangements- check it out here!

Yellow Sunshine Bowl

A bias bowl- is a modern version of the Bubble Bowl filled with a Single Garden Rose