Cut flowers with Swiss army knife

Basic Flower Tools- Flower Food, Vase & Cutters!

When it comes to Basic Flower Tools for Flower arranging- there are Three Important ones… and they are showcased in the Pilot Episode of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom.

Flower Food- Almost always- there is a packet of Flower Food- that you can add to your water… it’s designed especially for flowers- with special nutrients to feed the flower (this means bigger blooms, more color and fragrance, and vibrant green leaves- plus it helps reduce bacteria in the water- the Number 1 Enemy of Flowers)… so using the bag- and following the directions is key… Too much or Too Little is NEVER Good- so measure accurately.

Here’s a Bonus Video about Flower Food- that will give you my Flower Expert Tips!

Flower Food Tips for Fresh Flowers - Flowers 101

One more helpful hint is to use COLD WATER- the colder the water- the longer the flowers will last. Warm Water has more air in it… that’s why it is usually cloudy- and the warmer temperature- helps bacteria form and multiply faster… so use Cold Water… you can even chill your water- once the food and water are mixed- in the refrigerator- before arranging your flowers. I like to get it ready the night before I go to get flowers- then it’s all ready… I also keep extra flower food water in the frig- so I can easily top off the vase when it becomes depleted.

Measure, Chill- Add Flowers

Cold water is much better for flower prep than warm

Speaking of the vase- I like a vase that has plenty of room for water- that means more water (and food) in reserve for my flowers! I also like a neck that is skinnier- so that it makes the stems fall into an attractive shape more easily. Another expert tip- cut the stems a bit shorter- that way the blooms will gather together- and look more impressive… A short cut – is Truly the SHORT CUT to more beautiful arrangements.

Here’s a video about Containers- that will help you get started on Selecting Great Vessels for your Flower Arrangements!

Clean Vases BEFORE Painting

Now – for cutters- my preferred Flower Tool – is a locking blade knife- I love my SWISS ARMY Knife- and it’s Top Flower Tool choice of Flower Professionals all around the world… here’s a video that shows how to cut with a knife! IF a knife scares you… go with a by-pass cutter or garden pruner- because the blades bypass one another (thus the name)- you get a better swifter cut- with less damage to the stem. DO NOT use scissors- they are made for cutting things like paper or ribbon- and the actual mechanic- of scissors pinches the stem closed and prevents water uptake- Cut a Straw with a scissors and you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean!

Here’s a video about How to use a knife – like a Flower Expert!

Choose your knife color!

NEW from Swiss Army- fashion color design knives- perfect for any flower arranger!

Here’s a Bonus Video- about Flower Care- and Tools- that will give you a few more of my insider secrets – that will empower your flower arranging skills… I love to share- and hope my tips will help you be more comfortable – and enjoy arranging flowers more often!

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Cut flowers with Swiss army knife

Locking blade Swiss Army knives are the best tool for cutting flowers!