Flower Crowns created on J Schwanke's Life in Bloom

Flower Crowns- Why Not Wear Flowers on your Head???

I Love a Flower Crown- and I’ve created them for years. I perfected the technique many years ago – because I like to share them… it needed to be easy- fast- and something anyone could do- with just a few flowers- and the proper supplies.

Historically speaking- the process used to long and arduous… it was done by wiring and taping flowers- and then slowly manufacturing them into a circle – again using the wiring and taping method. This would have been the way that my Mother- and even my Grandmother created them – as a professional florist. Here’s a link to a video I created about the Historic Wire and Tape Method!

But I’m always looking for an easier way- and the technique I share in the PILOT Episode of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom- is the one that I landed on- that give the best results!

Flower Crowns with J & Allen

J and Friend P Allen Smith enjoy Flower Crowns

I like a Capital C- Crown! It needs to be chunky- with BIG open Blossoms! Seriously- if I’m going to wear flowers on my head- I want to make a statement. You may have seen my segment on P Allen Smith’s Garden Style Show on Public Television where I make a pair of Crowns for us to wear… My Flower Crowns are not for shrinking Violets!

Check out the segment- with P Allen Smith- where we created flower crowns on Youtube!


I’ve also held Flower Crown Workshops at Walt Disney Worlds’ Epcot Flower and Garden Festival- that was certainly magical… we made Flower Crowns- and one year we made Moana Style Crowns with Tropical Foliage and Flowers… it’s fun for All Ages! Check out the DisneyCrawls Blog- about my Flower Crown Event!

Flower Crowns - Anyone?

Flower Crowns expertly created by the Flower Expert J Schwanke

With “Life in Bloom” it’s a tradition with my Guests- I create Flower Crowns and we share them during their visit! It’s amazing how a few flowers- set in a circle and placed on someone’s head- changes their demeanor… They instantly SMILE- Many Laugh- and for sure the Selfies come out quickly… it’s just another one of the SECRET POWERS of Flowers!

Check out my Blog- for some of the Fun Places- I’ve created Flower Crowns- it’s a sure way to get People Smiling- after all it’s all about the Flowers!