Flower Friends- J and Jennifer

Jennifer Ackerman Haywood- Craftsanity.com

It’s been over a decade since I was asked to go on LIVE TV at the ABC Affiliate in Grand Rapids. WZZM. The show as Take 5 and Company- and it was a great lifestyle show- hosted by my Friend Catherine Behrendt- and an assortment of other fine ladies… (more about Catherine in another blog.)

It was my first time- and I was nervous- this was LIVE TV- so it has to be right- and you have to be on- and at least I wasn’t working with Animals or Children- but still I was arranging flowers- and hoped my project would be beautiful. Behind the scenes- you’re in a Green Room- which is a lot like a garage or basement- with rolling tables – and the other guests- and a bit of confusion… I was on one of the 3 tables- getting my stuff together and next to me- was Jennifer Ackerman Haywood- she had a weekly article about crafts in the Grand Rapids Press… that I loved to read- and I was a little excited- that someone “Famous” was in the green room with me… and I was also taking note- that she seemed at ease- relaxed and approachable…

J joins Craft Expert Jennifer Ackerman Haywood to block print Protea on Life in Bloom!

J joins Craft Expert Jennifer Ackerman Haywood to block print Protea on Life in Bloom!

I don’t exactly know what happened next- I’m sure I introduced myself- and asked about her projects- mostly I was looking for friend- that could help calm my nerves- and maybe share a laugh or two. Fast forward… many years… Jennifer is one of my favorite friends… She’s Funny- Witty- Sharp as a Tack- and Incredibly Talented. She owns Craftsanity.com the home of her Podcasts, Projects, Blogs and much more… She is a Magical Crafter- An Entrepreneur – Amazing Mother of Two- Activist- and Wonderful Friend… Well needless to say- that was just the beginning- she gave me a few pointers, asked me about my projects- showed me pictures of her kids, we laughed joked and kidded around… and it was like every time we got together… fast friends for sure!

The thing I love the best about Jennifer is her Laugh- it’s contagious … the Second thing I love is her ability to agree to many of my hair-brained schemes… Like being our Craft Expert at uBloom- or a crafting guest on my First Web-TV Series- JTV- or Playing for her local Charity- in my First Flower Power Challenge- where she WON $500 for the Wes Leonard Foundation!  I knew – when I started to venture into the Public Television Forum- I wanted Jennifer to come again as a guest and do something Fantastic! BOOM! She shows up to do print making with Protea… and it’s incredible!

Protea Print Making with J

J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom uses the Ancient Protea as inspiration for this week’s projects

Protea are the inspiration for this episode- and Jennifer block prints a T-shirt- a Farmers Market Bag- and teaches me…  print making tips and tricks… of course- we wear Flower Crowns- and do “high-fives”… (Watch the show credits for fun outtakes.) One thing I know- is that when we get together -it’s always fun- filled with laughter and lots of stories… Jennifer is the epitome of a “Great Friend”.

You can follow her on Instagram/Craftsanity