Protea Farmer- Mel Resendiz

Mel Resendiz & Diana Roy

I met Mel and Diana – when our crew as planning the CA Grown Experience on uBloom. Resendiz Brothers was one of the farms we visited in this documentary- sharing the diversity, unique challenges and opportunities facing the American Grown Flower Farmers. We traveled from San Francisco (Northern California) to Fallbrook  (Southern California) and everywhere in between- sharing the stories of the flower farms in this Mediterranean Climate- the perfect place to grow flowers in the USA!

Visit Resendiz Brothers with J Schwanke in the CA Grown Experience

Pin Cushion Flower Farm

The pincushions in Bloom at Resendiz Brothers in Fallbrook CA

Visit the Spring Pincushion Fields of Resendiz Brothers with J Schwanke!

Mel’s Farm is different than most farms- with flat spaces- and greenhouses with crops encapsulated inside to allow for perfect growing conditions. Instead- Resendiz Brothers is open air- with narrow roads cut out of the mountains… allowing the sun- and different light and temperatures to provide cycles of growth. It’s like a patchwork quilt- with different crops – in different sections- all of which were planted by hand- by Mel and his family- along with irrigation and roads- that Mel helped install and carve.

Resendiz Mountain Farm

Resendiz Flower Farm – grows Protea and Waxflower in California

Riding with Mel in his pickup- is electrifying… to say the least! I’m not a fan of heights… but the crew piled into Mel’s Pickup- and with his advice- “Just Look at the Flowers- don’t look at the Road”… we made it down into valleys- and up onto ridges that were made for Mountain Goats! However- this provided the perfect mountain design table- for me to create a hand-tied bouquet- that was picked fresh from Mel’s “Private Garden”… aka – the fields of Resendiz Brothers Flower Farm.

Hand tied Protea with J

J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom visit Resendiz Brothers Flower Farm.

Diana is the quiet – charming- marketing maven… that sees to every detail- and quickly and quietly snaps pictures- and creates memorable moments- that make their way to Instagram- and other Social Media outlets. Dianna manages the office- and the promotions and marketing for Resendiz Brothers… and she’s as close to a “Silent Partner” as the come.

Protea Promoter- Diana Roy

Marketer and promoter for Resendiz Brothers Protea Farm

I love that my crew – quickly realized- that they needed to keep filming- no matter what- because Mel has an incredible sense of humor- and the one liners or zingers- just keep coming! If you stop filming you miss them… so it’s always best to have plenty of battery life- when you visit Mel Resendiz. His passion for the Protea is unmatched and unbridled. Mel is continually looking for NEW Varieties- and that may mean traveling the world- or creating them himself- in his propagation house- and then field testing them… before rolling out a new variety into the flower industry!

Want to experience some of Resendiz Protea for yourself? Visit their Protea Store!

The Protea Man- Mel Resendiz

I love Mel Resendiz- he’s constantly making me laugh- and love Protea even more!

Another special moment- the entire crew got to experience was a dinner on the deck – in the house located on Resendiz Flower Farm- with Mel cooking his own recipe of Carne Asada – you get a glimpse of the table in this Protea Episode- covered in Protea collected from the fields on the farm- sitting with friends – enjoying a glass of wine- and sharing stories with Mel Resendiz is as enchanting and magical as you might expect- It’s a secret little spot- away from the world- where flowers grow on mountains- and under the stars… it’s Flower-Powerful- and an experience of a lifetime!

Check out these Design Idea- using Protea- and learn more about Protea from Resendiz Brothers!

Enjoy the Wine & Protea

On the Deck- enjoying a glass of wine after a full day of Protea Filming!

We met Mel and Dianna – just as Protea started their escalation – as the HOT NEW Trending Flower. Protea are so diverse- and suddenly- this flower was taking the Flower World by Storm. A Resendiz Protea Wreath appeared on the cover of Sunset Magazine, and today it’s not uncommon to see a number of variety of Protea and Leucospermum in Catalogs, Fashion Shows, Wedding and Events… this family of Flowers are Shining Stars- and show no sign of slowing down.

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Sunset Protea Wreath

A wreath like this graced the cover of Sunset Magazine.

Mel Resendiz and Diana Roy- are two of my favorite flower friends- and sharing a visit to their unique Flower Farm- is an experience of a lifetime- something you need to add to your own personal bucket list!