J's Friend Catherine Behrendt from WZZM 13 on your Side joins J in the Flower Studio for Fruit Kabobs

Catherine Behrendt- my Flower TV friend!

I don’t remember exactly when or how I met Catherine Behrendt… I think it was for a “Flower Promotion” for the West Michigan Home and Garden show- and they asked me to take some flowers and go on “Take 5 & Company”- the ABC Affiliates Lifestyle show on WZZM Channel 13 in Grand Rapids.

My WZZM TV Friend Catherine Behrendt stops by to create Fruit Kabobs on Life in Bloom!

My WZZM TV Friend Catherine Behrendt stops by to create Fruit Kabobs on Life in Bloom!

Live TV can be a bit overwhelming- because there’s no room to screw up… it’s LIVE.  So there’s that… and then you go out under the lights and there are lots of lights and cameras whirling around-moving by remote control and lots of energy and “5-4-3-2-1… you’re LIVE”! I’ve seen my share of people that just freeze… but I’ve always been lucky- I’ve had a great Flower TV Friend- Catherine Behrendt. I’m not joking when I say that she’s a “Safety Net”… Catherine has a wonderful way of making you feel at home- comfortable- and secure. You truly feel like – She’s on your Side… and there for you… and that pays off … because she makes everyone look good!

Here’s a show where Catherine and I make Flower Cocktails at Christmas Time on Take 5 & Company!

That’s the sign of a True Professional. Catherine has been doing live TV for Years… she was a former anchor- and Now host of the Lifestyle show- “My West Michigan” and also serves as the programming director for WZZM in Grand Rapids. She’s a Grand Rapids Staple- and also a wonderful friend. We’ve been performing on Live TV- and also at The West Michigan Home and Garden Show for years…

In an upcoming show- you’ll see Catherine as my Trusty Co-Host for our uBloom Flower Power Challenge- I asked her years ago to help me with this…(remember the safety net??)… where we have 5 Local Celebrities Arrange flowers for their favorite local charity. It’s a hoot… and Catherine is that ROCK- that you can lean on- and it’s always Comfortable, Exciting and Entertaining.

We’ve also collaborated on previous Web-Based Television for my series JTV- she was the last guest (My Bette Midler) on JTV! In addition
we’ve hit the streets to give our Flower Bouquets for our Local Petal It Forward Events. Cath is one of those people that you can call for a cup of coffee- and kibitz about the future of the world, your career, or life in general… and one of my dearest Friends.

Besides her busy Professional Schedule- she’s an Incredible Mom- a Flower Enthusiast, and Hedge-apple hunter… I love that Catherine gets inspired by my flower projects and that she is NEVER afraid of picking up a knife or bunch cutter- and giving any of my flower projects a try… That’s hard to find… someone that is confident enough to “jump right in”… That’s my Friend Catherine!

Check out her visit to my flower studio and watch us make Fruit Kabobs… and have a few laughs (Be sure to watch through the credits for our outtakes)… and meet my friend Catherine… she’s the BEST!!!