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Mini Chrysanthemum Spheres!

Deliflor Latin America has an incredible selection of Mini Spray Chrysanthemums. Just about every color or shape you could desire is available from Deliflor Latin America! 

This week, I create 2 Chrysanthemum Sphere Projects using the different types of Mini Spray Chrysanthemums differently to achieve unique effects. 

Using the colorful selection…including my favorite Peridot and another favorite Molto (you’ll notice in the video I say MOHO…It was the first time I experienced this variety and the name was written in sharpie on the packages…I thought it was MOHO instead of MOLTO…hehehe!)

Grouping the varieties creates a wonderful textural sphere almost like a Geographic Globe. Then I create another using the white varieties with the Biedermeier Technique of arranging the varieties in concentric circles.

You can always count on the best Chrysanthemums and the most incredible selections from Deliflor Latin America!

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