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OT Lily Event Centerpiece from Sun Valley!

This week’s project features the OT Lily Hybrids from Sun Valley Flower Farms- OT Lilies- are a hybrid lily- that has the best features from Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies. “OT” can also stand for OVER-TIME- because these Lilies really do work overtime to Impress Everyone!

I’ll be using African Lady- one of these GIANT Varieties from Sun Valley- it’s HUGE- and so colorful… the blooms are over 12” in diameter…

I’ll also be featuring a couple of Burgundy Varieties that are so Trend Forward right now- the arrangement is created in two parts- featuring a lovely glass vase from Accent Décor- placed on top of the Flower Foam Riser from Oasis®… I fill in the bottom of the rise using the Burgundy Lilies- and NEW Deep Red spray roses from Eufloria Flowers: Butterfly Sensation… with a dramatic ruffled edge!

This simple concept – has a terrific “WOW” Factor- and it’s easy to create, transport and set up- all great tips for creating a dramatic setting for your next wedding or special event. The Size, Fragrance and Color of the Lilies will stop everyone in their tracks!

Check out the entire selections of Lilies from Sun Valley at this link- there’s 100’s to choose from …

Sun Valley Lily Selection is Amazing!!!!