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A visit to Alexandra Farms & Garden Rose Centerpiece!

Let’s take a trip to South America and visit Alexandra Farms in Bogota Colombia. Joey Azout is the proprietor of Alexandra Farms, the largest Garden Rose Farm in the world, specializing in exceptional Garden Roses including David Austin Fragrant English Garden Roses, Delux Garden Roses, Princess Japanese Garden Roses and Wabara Garden Roses from Rose Farm Keiji.

Joey is longtime friend and an exceptional host! He’s fun to be around and I’m happy to share this visit with him and his beautiful roses. The secret behind Alexandra Farms roses is the rose loving people that seed, plant, care, harvest, pick and package these exceptional Garden Roses.

I’ll create a beautiful special event centerpiece featuring floating candles and a bubble bowl…starring 3 gorgeous varieties from Alexandra Farms. You’ll enjoy our little getaway to Bogota and this visit with my Friend Joey Azout…experiencing the incredible varieties, sustainable practices and remarkable innovation at Alexandra Farms!

Visit their website at and Enter their 2nd Annual Garden Roses Design Contest

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