Custom Foliage Wreaths

Foliage is a Hot Trend and foliage wreaths are a terrific accent to any wedding or special event. The biggest challenge is coordinating the foliage wreath to your event.

Here’s the secret…Custom Foliage Wreaths from FernTrust! My friend is your contact for wreaths of any size and any foliage combination. The team at FernTrust has over 126 different foliage varieties that can be combined or used alone to create wreaths of any size…and I mean any size! From 12 inch wreaths to 6 foot wreaths like the one I use for Monstera Madness…

FernTrust can create anything you like…when it comes to wreaths (garlands and bouquets TOO!)…It’s that easy and just an email or phone call away. Custom wreaths from FernTrust is the solution you’ve been looking for!