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Carnation Arrangements from Eclipse!

I love Carnations and today on Fun with Flowers and J, we stop at “Carnation Station” and create 3 simple arrangements featuring one of my favorite flowers. 

The first is a simple centerpiece featuring a Vibrant Hot Pink Carnation accented with FernTrust Foliage! It’s easy to create and the results are impressive.

The second features a nest with bright yellow Carnations standing in for the eggs and accenting the nest…All the arrangement are created in flower foam and look terrific because the foam allows me to place them specifically. This means I can use every flower to my advantage… 

The third is a Topiary created from one bunch of beautiful Electric Green Carnations (They’re fragrant too!!!+++)… Binding a bunch together with the blooms radiated at the top makes for a dynamic topiary that can be placed and accented with Foxtail Fern and Coontie Foliage!

3 Different looks created in minutes using this classic flower…that is NEW again thanks to the color varieties grown at Eclipse Flowers!

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