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Romantic Garden Rose Wedding Bouquet!

Eufloria’s Romantic Garden Rose offerings continue to grow and expand…This week, I create a wedding bouquet in the Gala® Bouquet Holder featuring several of the varieties from Eufloria- including vibrant yellow-  Lemon Pompon & Turtle, and these varieties that coordinate with LIVING CORAL- the Pantone® Color of the Year- Lovely Hearts, Vuvuzela and Romanza. 

One of the greatest offerings from Eufloria is Spray Roses that coordinate with nearly every variety. In this romantic garden rose bouquet, I chose Julianne…a wonderful spray rose that has the opening qualities of a full size garden rose. It’s perfect!

You can experience the entire collection of Eufloria Roses on their website at Pick and choose your favorites! These roses are American Grown and live up to their motto “The Prettiest Roses on the Planet!”