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Autumn Bird Nest Centerpiece with Chrysanthemums

Fall is one of my favorite times of year and as a child, my family grew Chrysanthemums in our greenhouses. This week, Deliflor Latin America provides their Fall Collection of Amazing Autumn Chrysanthemums for this bird nest centerpiece. 

I’ve used a Hacienda Bowl from Accent Décor and lined it with a reusable mache’ container (watch the Mechanics Monday Video). It features Magnolia and October Brown ColorFresh (Ming and Tree Fern) from FernTrust!

These are great accents for the Unique Fall Chrysanthemums from DeliFlor Latin American…Fugi Mums, Cushion and Daisy Spray Chrysanthemums and Disbuds all come together in this wonderful textural centerpiece. It includes an actual bird nest I found that had been displaced after a windstorm! 

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