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Permanent Botanicals substitute for Real & the KNIPEX #71-01-200

My most popular tool question is about the cutter I use for permanent stems. It’s the KNIPEX #71-01-200…a piano wire cutter that has a titanium blade and cuts through any wire like it’s butter.

The Knipex is also my most ‘stolen’ tool…It gets swiped frequently so I have to keep track of it! This cutter will prevent you from damaging your wrists or tendons and is a great asset when cutting permanent stems. You’ll never be sorry if you get a Knipex for cutting your permanent flowers! Look for it online… 

In today’s 5 Minute Flower Talk, I share some of my favorite permanent botanical stems that can substitute for REAL Flowers in wedding and event work! These Peonies, Hydrangeas and Orchids are so realistic that it’s hard to tell them from real…and I show them together in this flower talk!

Check out these great resources for Realistic Permanent Flowers (all have showrooms in the Dallas Market Center!):

AllState Floral & Craft – Peonies
Green Imports – “Real-touch” Roses and Peonies
Sullivans – Hydrangeas, and Phaleanopsis Orchids