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Orange Ilex Centerpiece from Sun Valley!

Sun Valley is excited to introduce its’ NEW varieties of Ilex… Lane and the Sun Valley Group are always creating wonderful Flower Options for the Flower Industry!

Lane loves Ilex and Sun Valley has the perfect location to grow this amazing flower offering. You can take an Aerial tour of the Sun Valley Ilex fields here.

This week, I create a stunning centerpiece in the Oscar Bowl from Accent Décor. The centerpiece features an entire array of flowers from Sun Valley…Calla Lilies in Yellow and Orange, Red Royal Lilies and Sonata Corcovado Lilies…along with the NEW Orange Ilex! 

Ilex provides such deep rich color, texture and excitement to any arrangement…and with the expanding colors available at Sun Valley, we can use Sun Valley ILEX for many seasons! 

Let me know what you think and share how you’re using Sun Valley Ilex with me at