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Wedding Lesson – Bridal Toss Bouquet and Moss Bouquet Stand!

This lesson completes my Wedding Series for Wedding Flowers Your Way. It includes instructions for a Bridal Toss Bouquet and an Easy to Create Moss Bouquet Stand that can be used to display any wedding bouquet at the reception or following the wedding. 

Bridal Toss bouquets are a great tradition…and it’s easy to create a bridal toss so that you won’t have to “throw” your actual bouquet. Many brides want to save their bouquet to create a remembrance following the wedding…so the bridal toss bouquet is a great solution. 

The Moss Stand is one of the most popular projects I have ever created and was featured in my original show JTV! In this flower lesson, I show how easy it is to create this Decorative Stand using moss, decorative wire and a sphere of flower foam. 

I hope you enjoy the complete Series of Wedding Flowers Your way…Remember to keep having fun with Flowers!