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J’s Favorite Things for Christmas!

The holidays are a very special time and flowers help us create memories! Thinking back on all the Christmas Holidays I’ve celebrated, flowers have always been super important. 

When it comes to Christmas, I certainly have my favorite things I like for the holidays. Red Carnations are A MUST…no real surprise but it’s true! There is a vase of Red Carnations sitting on my desk right now…and that’s the way I like it!
We’re revisiting one of my favorite Fun with Flowers and J episodes this week in honor of Christmas. It features Red Carnations, Princess Pine, Pine Cones, Ilex (or Winterberry) and my favorite vase for arranging, the Optic Rio Cache. It is  “Green” Glass, meaning it’s created from Post Consumer recycled glass.

The episode is FREE to watch and share at 

The holidays are made of memories…old and new. I hope you and your family and friends are creating special memories with flowers both today and the whole year through! Merry Christmas from Kelly and I and the First Ladies of uBloom, Eleanor and Ladybird…Enjoy every second and be sure to fill it to the brim with Flowers!