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Longer lasting flowers and NO Funky Water!

Everyone loves flowers and our unified goal is to have our flowers last longer…we all agree on that! One of the most common questions I receive is, “Should I change my water every day?” The answer is, “NO!” (especially when you treat your water with the correct flower nutrients). Your water should remain clear, continue to help prevent bacteria growth and feed the flowers so they last longer and perform to their BEST! 

In this video, I share my tips for longer lasting flowers, the number one mistake we make that makes our water get funky and two remarkable products that will help your flowers last longer. There’s also a secret about the temperature of the water that helps reduce bacteria too!

Check out this 5 minute vlog about Longer Lasting Flowers and learn how to prevent Funky water! You can access the products I talk about in the vlog at Soon, you’ll be enjoying your flowers EVEN LONGER!