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Natural Color Shifting with Design Master!

Today’s project on Fun with Flowers and J calls for a little Natural Color Shifting…and who better to help than Design Master Color Tool! Using the NEW Honeycomb and Peachy, I’m able to take a limited amount of flowers and expand my color palette with Design Master. The great part about the colors from Design Master is their ability to look natural!

Honeycomb and Peachy are natural flower colors and I’m using them to shift a few flowers that don’t come in those colors. This helps me to expand my color palette and at the same time, make everything look as if Mother Nature herself helped out! Shifting Peegee Hydrangea and Turtle® Roses from Eufloria with these two colors, I can make 2 flowers look very different and help create interest in the bouquet. I use other yellow flowers, yellow accented Aspidistra from FernTrust and Peach Avalanche Roses to help reinforce the color palette!

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