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Forever Flower Lesson: Using Glue with
 Forever Flowers

This week, I add to my Forever Flower Lessons with a simple lesson about using glue (specifically, hot glue) and the different types and ways you can use it. 

This lesson lays out my favorite tips and tricks for using a Hot Glue Gun (I prefer a low-temp glue gun)…or my favorite, Pan Melt Glue (glue that is melted in bulk in a small skillet or repurposed frying pan). I also share my Secret Tip for having Less Glue webs and HOW to get rid of glue webs quickly and easily!

This Lesson joins my other Forever Flower Lessons in the UBloom Premium Video archive. You can visit it here…

Forever flowers are great for crafts, project and home decorations… Enjoy these simple lessons with your subscription to!