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All Foliage Arrangement Video Blog

In this week’s Video Blog, I create an All Foliage Arrangement featuring Fabulous Foliage from Ferntrust. This video shows how to create a stunning all foliage arrangement that can also help clean the air…a health and wellness benefit of foliage!

I pair this VLOG with a Blog entry- that includes my favorite foliage projects, and includes a tour of FernTrust…with my friends at FernTrust.  A binge list, if you will, that includes 12 different FREE Videos about Foliage!

Visit the Blog here!

During these challenging times, we’re offering these lists of FREE Videos to help you pass the time but also to learn more…and this week it’s about foliage!

Foliage will be an amazing resource helping us bridge the gap following these difficult times… learn more- and get the Foliage Video list in this blog!