Learn to make simple bouquets with a few flowers from the Garden on Life in Bloom!

Dahlia and Zinnia Bouquets

Learn to make these simple Dahlia and Zinnia Bouquet- with a few of J's Favorite Tips!

Learn to make these simple Dahlia and Zinnia Bouquet- with a few of J’s Favorite Tips!

Zinnia and Dahlia Bouquets

These simple little bouquet are easy to make- and it’s a fun way to incorporate flowers from your garden- or your recent flower finds at the Farmers Market. I have two favorite flowers- when it comes to my local Farmers Market- Dahlias and Zinnias. I visit the Fulton Farmers Market nearly every week- both summer and winter- it’s a year round market- however it’s Michigan so there isn’t Flowers in the Winter… but as soon as Spring has sprung- the Flower Power quickly jumps into high gear!

Both Dahlia and Zinnia are later summer flower offerings. Hope Dahlias provides the Dahlias- that you’ll see in this project and you’ll learn more about Hope Dahlias and my friends Kristin and Barb- in an upcoming episode of Life in Bloom! Craig from Z’s Farm- provides the zinnias- and he grows specialty varieties for me… Green, Antique, Cinderella, Mixed colors- (NO White- I’m not a fan of White Zinnias or Dahlias… truth be told)… and I pick them up every week in season.

Right now- you might have Peonies both regular and Tree Peonies… Tulips, Ranunculus, Bleeding Heart, Allium, Lily of the Valley- and as summer progresses- you’ll see Gladiolus, Sun Flowers, Lilies and more… there’s always something blooming when it comes to farmers market offerings.

Dahlia and Zinnia flowers are accented with different garden flowers.

Dahlia and Zinnia flowers are accented with different garden flowers.

The vases I’ve chosen for this project are small vases with a tapered neck- they are actually made of pressed glass- and the glass is pressed on the same mold as bubble wrap – so the vase pattern is identical to the bubble wrap that is used for packaging (or annoying your family, friends or co-workers when pop- pop-popped). They are good vases- they are easy to carry- have a narrow neck- that makes them hold the flowers better- I like a smart vase- with a little narrower neck- it truly helps hold the flowers together better. Pebble stone vases are available from many professional florists or flower sellers!

I also use one of my favorite tricks- the Vase Delight Foliage Bouquet is one of the Green Bouquet offerings- it’s created by my friends at FernTrust- and it’s a little collection of shorter stems- that they create- and bundle together- you’ll see in this segment- that I just give them a cut and drop them into the vase. The reason this trick is so helpful- the Vase Delight- provides structure- in the vase- so it’s easy to drop in a few flowers- and the foliage holds them in place. That way you don’t need as many flowers- and it helps you look like a pro. You’re welcome.

Look for foliage bouquets at many flower sellers- or if you get a bouquet- that includes foliage- you can pull out the foliage and bundle it up- just like this- and drop it into the vase to create structure for adding your flower stems… it’s a simple and effective trick!

I add a few interesting stems- of various types of textural stems to the bouquets to give it a more garden like appearance… Scabiosa Pods, Crocosmia Pods, Millet, and Snowberrry – make brief appearances- and it’s a great way to give the bouquet a more garden like appearance. Think unexpected items… it could be as simple as a stem of Scented Geranium or Hosta Leaf too… it’s up to you- and it’s fun!

The Dahlia and Zinnia blooms are show stoppers- and they are the stars of these bouquets- just a few – make it exciting and provide a place for your eyes to land- (also known as a focal point or focal area)… Texture is busy- and our eye likes it- in contrast to big luscious blooms- but too much texture and eyes don’t know where to land- and too many big blooms and our eye is not sure what to look at next- it’s a balance- and you’re the artist.

These are fun arrangements to spread around the house- in different rooms- or give as gifts- or share with friends… the possibilities are endless… and the variety happens naturally at the Farmers Market- each week there is always something New- when it comes to Life in Bloom!