Behind the Bloom: Hope Dahlias

It’s time to go behind the bloom with my sweet friend Kristen Farmer at Hope Dahlias. I truly love Kristen and her mom Barb Esch…and I love seeing them at the Farmers Market with their beautiful Dahlias. Hope Dahlias is a stable at the Fulton Street Farmers Market- and that’s part of the inspiration that truly is “HOPE DAHLIAS”.

Hope Dahlias truly provided hope for so many people and Kristen was a little nervous to have me come with a camera crew to film at Hope Dahlias…but we had a wonderful time! (Mom just flat out told me, “NO WAY”…hehehe!) Thank goodness- because the Story Behind Hope Dahlias- is so valuable… it’s about digging in the dirt- and allowing your passion to take over- and truly provide you HOPE- to go on… and it’s also about the Dahlias… flowers always make their way into my stories!

I love the Behind the Bloom moments because this is what it’s like…friends talking, cutting up, laughing or doing it a second time to get it right. Plus you get to go right into the fields with Kristin and I at Hope Dahlia…it’s picturesque and certainly worth the trip!

Life is chock-full of experiences and I love sharing glimpses behind our wonderful flower show…and reliving the memories of creating “Life in Bloom” for public television. This Visit to Hope Dahlias- is another great example of Behind the Bloom Moments!

The other thing about “Behind the Bloom” is if you pay attention, you may get a little secret information or a helpful hint or two. Let’s go Behind the Bloom…with Kristen and her Beautiful Dahlias!