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Florida Foliage Wreath Ring

We’ve got a “LOST EPISODE” of Fun with Flowers and J…and it’s from our Florida Foliage Tour. It features the Fabulous Foliage from Florida, Succulents and a few fresh flowers.

Our friends at FernTrust suggested we stay at the Historic Sprague House in Crescent City Florida. It was a great home base for the tour and we took over this historic bed and breakfast. The hosts fed us home cooked dinner every night, there was a bar and they gave us warm cookies and milk before we went to bed every night! 

I make this arrangement in the courtyard under a live Oak…another important part of how Florida Foliage grows.

This Wreath Ring includes so many of the Fabulous Foliage varieties that FernTrust grows and the focus is on Foliage because that is what Florida (and FernTrust) does best! This is a great memory and a fun project that is still trending forward. Fabulous Foliage is beautiful, versatile and long lasting!

Enjoy this “LOST EPISODE” and sit back and relax on the Veranda with a Mint Julep as I share this Florida Foliage Wreath Ring Project!