Behind the Bloom: Hope Dahlias

It’s time to go behind the bloom with my sweet friend Kristen Farmer at Hope Dahlias. I truly love Kristen and her mom Barb Esch…and I love seeing them at the Farmers Market with their beautiful Dahlias. 

Hope Dahlias truly provide hope for so many people and Kristen was a little nervous to have me come with a camera crew to film at Hope Dahlias…but we had a wonderful time! (Mom just flat out told me, “NO WAY”…hehehe!)

I love the Behind the Bloom moments because this is what it’s like…friends talking, cutting up, laughing or doing it a second time to get it right.

Life is chock-full of experiences and I love sharing glimpses behind our wonderful flower show…and reliving the memories of creating “Life in Bloom” for public television.

The other thing about “Behind the Bloom” is if you pay attention, you may get a little secret information or a helpful hint or two. Let’s go Behind the Bloom…with Kristen and her Beautiful Dahlias!