Behind the Bloom with Goats and my friend Katie Kuipers

Let’s go behind the bloom with the goats at Leché and Lavender…and my friend Katie Kuipers! This visit was so enjoyable and the little goats were anxious to have breakfast. They were so noisy (because they were hungry!!!) …and I love that this was so much fun! I didn’t grow up on a farm- but my Aunt Alyce had a farm- she didn’t have goats- but now I wish she did…

There’s fun bloopers with me (frequently there is) I hate to admit it- but  I have trouble remembering names…I’m NOT proud of that fact and it happens too often. I’ll get a name stuck in my head…and ugh… then I screw it up- and that happens right out of the box – in this video!  Thank goodness for my friend Katie…She had introduced me to the  goats. Phyllis is the mom and her two baby goats are Jim and Kathy – So I must’ve gotten Kathy- stuck in my brain- and here we go again… (not that it’s an excuse, but…hehehehe!).

I was completely fascinated by Katie and her goats… I love the fact that goats have Rectangle shaped pupils in their eyes- it’s almost other worldly- and I watch a lot of Vet Shows (Dr. Pol) on TV- so I’ve learned a lot about them- but this was the first time I’ve been around them – in a long time- I think the last time had to be in a petting zoo. Goats are fun- and so is the process of making soap. It was so interesting to see the process of how Katie takes it from Goats, to Goats Milk – then to the freezer and the essential oils and lye- and the chemical reaction that creates soap. I love how the solution heats up and how you make a ‘trace’ to make sure the soap turns our right. Also, finding out about how particular Katie is with the essential oils that she uses…it’s all fascinating! 

I hope you enjoy this peek behind the bloom with Katie, (and the Goats)  Kathy, Jim and Phyllis…and making the wonderful soap at Leché and Lavender for Life in Bloom!