Behind the Bloom: Flower Reading with Ms. Margo!

Let’s go behind the bloom with Ms. Margo Ms. Margo came to visit with us to provide pet communication for Episode 209 – Pets and Flowers. She also shared with me that she had a desire to do a reading with flowers. Wow!

Ms. Margo asked that we have a “secret” member of the crew select flowers for an arrangement that she, in turn, would “read” for the person that selected the flowers. 

Our Director Chris Randall volunteered to select the flowers. I picked out a vase that I thought would be good for Ms. Margo (my mistake..see how Ms. Margo clocks me on the vase in this video!) and I arranged the flowers in the vase. 

In hindsight, Chris has become a very accomplished flower arranger with all the experience on the show. I should have just let him pick out the vase and arrange the flowers…but, well…you’ll see. 

Ms. Margo gave a reading from the flowers and then we interviewed Chris to see how he felt about the reading and the experience. This show inspired us to create “Behind the Bloom”… because there are so many things that go on behind the scenes and I thought it was a shame to leave them on the cutting room floor.

For More information about Ms. Margo or to book your own reading (with Flowers or otherwise)…contact her through her website- Special Thanks to Chris and Ms. Margo for this wonderful Behind the Bloom!