Episode 211- Flowers- Nature’s Rainbow

Flowers: Nature’s Rainbow
Host J Schwanke shows you how to color your life with Flowers! Flowers are the perfect way to “try on” new colors – positively affect your mood, and adding vibrancy to your decorating, cooking, and entertaining.


An Introduction to Color- and Color Personalities

This Episode of Life in Bloom is all about color- especially when it comes to flowers. I’ve been fascinated by Color my whole life- and it certainly affects the way I arrange flowers. I always have people compliment me on my sense of color. That’s a huge compliment- I’ve been a student and follower of Leatrice Eiseman- the Color Guru- famous for her books, seminars and direction at the Pantone® Institute. I have all of her books- and “Color For your Every Mood” is one of my favorites. I still refer that book constantly- to brush up on my color choices- and Lee’s theory of Color and Design.

I create a Color Wheel out of flowers- and in true Lee Eisemann Fashion- we talk about the Personality traits that are associated with the different colors- your favorite color tells a great deal about you… for example:

Yellow - Cheerful, Fun – an Idea Person, Perfectionist
Orange- Accepting, Friendly, Warm and Tolerant- Orange people also embrace change…
Red- Extroverted, Confidant, Caregiver and Optimistic
Pink- Kind, Loving, and Sensitive to the needs of oThers
Purple- Emotional, Free-spirited, Gentle and
Blue- Conservative, Reliable, Powerful and Trustworthy
Green- Compassionate, Generous, Loving and Kind

For more information on Color- Check out my Color Wheel and Chart in the uBloom Store- and get one for yourself


Communicating through Color-
We can affect our Emotions- and the Emotions of others through Color- using different color combinations allows us to set the mood for our next party, dinner, home or office… It’s useful and can help us gently guide the viewers of our arrangements to experience things differently!

Choosing a Monochromatic Color Scheme- (tints tones and shades) of any Color- creates a calming atmosphere. Imagine – if you have a challenging meeting – or need to keep things calm with relatives at holiday gatherings… (right?) – you can  create an arrangement in Monochromatic Colors- to help set the mood for the event.


Analagous Colors- those colors that are Next to one another on the color wheel- create a friendly atmosphere- you can break the ice- for example- by using an arrangement of orange and pink… in this episode of Life in Bloom- I chose my favorite analogous color combination Yellow and Green…


Complimentary color- cause excitement- so if you want to get the party started- you can choose colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel- it’s a great way to raise the ‘visual vibrations’ in a room- and cause the energy level to rise.

I also talk about Warm and Cool colors- Warm Colors- Yellow- Orange and Red- can actually increase our blood pressure or heart rate- they cause us to ‘heat up’- stimulate appetite and more… Cool Color relax us- (Blue, Green, Purple) they are like sitting in the shade on a hot summer day… they offer coolness, relief and calm.

You can learn so much about color- and I’m confident you’ll enjoy using it in your Flower Arrangements!


Recipe in Bloom- Colorful Foods- creating Color Based Hummus!

We can use Color to enhance our food… and with this recipe -I used different kinds of vegetables and fruit to make a blend that we add to hummus- to create Festive Decorative Dips… it’s easy- and HEALTH- learn more about it in this Recipe in bloom… and Here’s the Recipe!


#FlowerCocktailHour- Rainbow Shots-

This is a fun cocktail “TRICK” – that I learned from my Friend Mike Sasse- a skilled bartender at Top of the World in the Bay Lake Tower in Walt Disney World- it took me a few times to get it down right- but I was really lucky on my second take…for this show… it came out pretty darned good…  Want to learn how? Follow this link for the Recipe!


Yellow flowers make us feel better Faster!

It’s True- Research has been done- at higher learning institutes about the Health and Wellness Benefits of Flowers- I’ve compiled much of that research here… (www.uBloom.com/Research) – one of the most intriguing studies- is that Flowers help people who are sick to get better faster… that’s pretty remarkable- and it gets better- in this segment- I share the research that tells us- that if you receive Yellow Flowers- you get better EVEN FASTER… so that’s even better news…

Flowers should be a must for anyone that is not feeling well- and if people need a real BOOST or need to get better faster we can bring out the YELLOW Flowers! Amazing- and just another one of the health and wellness benefits of Flowers!


Featured Flower- the Rainbow Rose

People are fascinated by the Rainbow Rose- it’s a white rose that has been color enhanced with a secret process- by Dutch Floral Scientist- Peter Van De Werken- I’ve known Peter for many years- and he provide the photos for this segment of Life in Bloom- Peter is a great man- and he used this technology to create other rainbow flowers- Orchids, Chrysanthemums and Carnations- but the most famous it the Rainbow Roses.

Peter has also used his Internationally Patented Process to create Red, White and Blue roses- Team Color Roses for Sports Teams and even Brand Colored Roses for Leading Worldwide Brands- It’s a fascinating process- and I wish I could tell you more about it… alas- I have never seen it done- and Peter continues to defend his process and keep it under wraps- maybe one day- we can visit him and he’ll show us how it’s done! Until then- You can get Rainbow Roses- from many different flower sellers- and enjoy Peter’s Rainbow Rose- it will make you Happy!

I hope you enjoy this episode – all about Color! I look forward to seeing how you’ll use Color in your next Flower Project!