Episode 212- Flowers to Wear and Share

Host J Schwanke shows you that you don’t need to wait for that fancy event—there are many simple ways to make, wear, and share flowers. Wearing a flower improves your mood—and it’s easy to do with items you already have on hand in your home and garden.

Flowers to Wear and Share

How to make a Boutonniere – History of the Boutonniere

Vessels you can wear

Foliage Crown

Recipe in Bloom- Cream Cheese and Chive Sandwiches with Edible Flowers

Flower Cocktail Hour- The Aviation Gin Cocktail

Flower Crafts- with Angela Cunningham- Creating Flower Rings, Bracelets and More

Featured Flower- Mokara Orchid

Flower Tip: Gluing a Corsage- with Garden Flwoers