Binding Short Stems with J’s Bouquet- “Blooms-a-Go-Go”

Today on At Home with Flowers- I’ll share the simple trick – to fitting a tall bouquet into a short vase! It’s simple to gather the stems together in your hand- and then bind the stems together- using craft covered wire! Then you have a “Bound Bouquet” that can be cut short- and placed into a short vase – and won’t run the risk of falling out of the vase.

It’s a fast and easy way- to create a beautiful flower arrangement that fits nicely into a short vase. This project also features one of J’s Bouquets- “Blooms-a-Go-Go”. It’s a collection of bright pink flowers that remind me of my Grandma Lil.

When I think of Hot Pink- I think of my Grandma- she was not your ordinary Grandma- that’s for sure! She wore Hot Pink Go-Go Boots, wore Mini Skirts and even Bikinis. She was as modern as Grandmas come! We share a birthday- March 7 and let me tell you- there is nothing better than sharing a birthday with your Grandma- Trust me!

Grandma Lil loved bright colors- and loved being the center of Attention. This hot pink bouquet is filled to the brim with Fun Flowers from Sunshine Bouquet- and they are ready to Go-Go!

The simple tricks I share in this video- will help you look like a pro- and BONUS- it results in a beautiful bouquet- that you can enjoy or share with a friend.

My goal is ALWAYS- to help you feel empowered, comfortable and more at home with Flowers! Enjoy!